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Appropriate Music for Families

Many parents are concerned about the impact of the media and entertainment products on their children’s social morals and general disposition. The dilemma begins in the pre-teen years when children become increasingly exposed to mainstream media and Top 40 songs. Radio stations, videos and CD’s might censor inappropriate words, but there are still problems: Kids know the bleeped out words, and you can’t bleep out the themes.
Most parents don’t want their children listening to music that glorifies drugs, crime or violence. They don’t want them singing lyrics with explicit sexual references or disrespectful terms for girls and women—no matter how entertaining the melody or rap.

Music for your child’s transition years
MusicTALKING solves the dilemma in the musically awkward pre-teen years. Both parents and kids enjoy our mix of hit songs with clean, age-appropriate lyrics and positive messages. Most importantly, MusicTALKING gives parents tools to use the message in the music to instill and reinforce their own family standards and principles.
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