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What is MusicTALKING?
MusicTALKING is a communication tool using popular music.
A companion guide works alongside the “Goals and Values” theme CD through lyrics, anecdotes, and talking tools to give parents tips on discussing the subject of songs with their kids. The CD contains 13 original, hit songs by original artists—no remakes.

How does it work?
It can work in a number of ways. For example, you could just let your child listen to good music with positive messages. Or, what we suggest, is that you give your child an opportunity to listen to the songs and figure out which ones are their favorite. After you know which songs your kids enjoy, we suggest using the companion guide to get the most out of the positive messages in those songs. The companion guide will give you “talking tools,” tips on questions and facts you can use to engage your child in conversation regarding the content of the song.

What songs are on the CD?
Goals and Values songlist

Are there other CDs in this series?
This is the first in the series, but future CDs to come will involve Friends and Relationships, Conflicts and Concerns, and one volume dealing with real life.
MusicTALKING continues to be developed by parents just like you! We invite you to join our Parents Panel. It’s free, easy and fun. Join now and help choose songs for the next MusicTALKING CD

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