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A Message from our Founder

Dear Parent,

There was a time when all three of our children were between the ages of 6 and 11. After they outgrew toddler tunes, my wife and I endured the CDs with kids singing remakes of popular hits, until, thankfully, our children quickly grew bored with that kind of music.
When the kids first learned to use the radio, they contentedly listened to the children’s station that we set. Before too long, however, our children were changing the dial to other stations. Many of the songs on the Top 40 stations dealt with topics that were not appropriate for kids, in our opinion. We had to switch the dial or turn off the radio.

I searched for music that had clean lyrics and suitable themes and burned CDs for my family. I chose songs that I thought the kids would like—original songs from the Top 100—well written, well composed, and well played. My children enjoyed listening to our homemade CDs. An unexpected bonus: The songs gave me lots of topics to talk about with my children. They liked talking about the music, and conversations flowed easily. This experience inspired the MusicTALKING concept of using songs to communicate family values and standards. Product Page

When a neighbor complained about the music his kids listened to, I gave him a copy of a CD we had made. He took it to a family reunion. The kids loved the music. The adults loved it too—not only the kids’ parents but also their grandparents. Our music mix appealed to three generations.

We brought MusicTALKING to the marketplace to fill the vacuum for families with preteens—and provide a fun way to strengthen family bonds. MusicTALKING offers a distinct alternative for parents who are dissatisfied with the choices on the airwaves and in the music store.  
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Enjoy the music!

Clyde Otis
Founder and CEO 
MusicTALKING continues to be developed by parents just like you! We invite you to join our Parents Panel. It’s free, easy and fun. Join now and help choose songs for the next MusicTALKING CD.  CLICK HERE

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