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MusicTALKING’s Mission, Values & Goals

Our Mission

• To provide smart, high-quality entertainment products that will promote family dialogue and positive character development in children.

• To support parents with tools to sustain healthy, nurturing relationships with their children as they become adolescents.

• To use our knowledge, experience, time, talents, and unique points of view to create entertainment products that will interest both parents and children.

Our Values and Beliefs

• We respect the inherent worth of human beings.

• We prize entertainment as an expression of the human spirit that can uplift, communicate, and transcend boundaries.

• We believe teenagers are more likely to act with personal integrity, empathy, strength, and intelligence when parents teach their values to their children at a young age and continue to communicate with them throughout adolescence.
Our Goals

• To serve our customers with a fun and appropriate entertainment alternative that fills the void between kids’ products and mainstream media.

• To help parents communicate their values and beliefs to their children in a light-hearted manner and comfortable atmosphere.

• To support parents as they positively influence their children to think critically, question assumptions, resist social pressures, embrace social responsibility, and understand that the choices they make have both individual and collective consequence.

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