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Who Are We?
The MusicTALKING™ label is owned by Laughing Owl Music & Media, LLC. Laughing Owl produces smart, high-quality entertainment products that will promote family dialogue and positive character development in children. The company’s goal is to help parents communicate their values and standards to their pre-teen children in a fun, light-hearted way. Laughing Owl released the first MusicTALKING™ compilation CD in 2005.

MusicTALKING features original recordings of top hits selected to reflect social and relational themes. Unlike other compilation CD’s aimed at kids, MusicTALKING™ offers age-appropriate music both parents and children enjoy. In addition,
every CD includes a Companion Guide for parents.

The Music TALKING concept was developed by Clyde Otis III in response to his dissatisfaction with the popular music his own children were playing. He discovered there was little choice for parents that wanted quality music with age-appropriate lyrical content for preteens. So in 2000, Otis established Laughing Owl to fill the void. A Message from our Founder

Company Heritage
Laughing Owl is the latest venture for a family with 50 years of lineage in the popular music industry. The legacy began when songwriter/producer Clyde Otis founded
The Clyde Otis Music Group, a music publishing company that started in 1956, now managed by his three children, including Laughing Owl’s founder Clyde Otis III. Nat King Cole, Elvis Presley, Johnny Mathis, Brook Benton, Dinah Washington, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughan, Clyde McPhatter, and a great many others recorded the senior Otis’ songs. As the director of artist and repertoire (A&R) at Mercury Records, Otis produced 17 consecutive hits with silken-voiced Brook Benton. In one year, Mercury Records had 51 hits in the Top 100 and tied with RCA for Billboard’s Most Hit Singles honors. Otis produced an astonishing 33 of those 51 Top 100 hits.

MusicTALKING™ Releases
Title: MusicTALKING
About Goals and Values
Release Date: August 15, 2005
Product Description: Compilation CD for with 13 original hits that promote respect, perseverance, setting goals and family. Includes music CD plus 76-page companion guide for parents with lyrics, anecdotes and tips for starting a conversation with their kids ages 6-11.
Price: $18.99 (plus shipping & handling)

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