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As a parent, it’s easy to assume your child will pick up similar principles and values without directly discussing social, moral, and ethical standards. That’s true to a certain extent. However, children are exposed to lots of negative and destructive messages from media and peers— more than some parents can imagine. Talking to your children about your family’s values is one of the best ways to inoculate them against negative influences that can lead to a pattern of destructive behaviors. Children need guidance, reinforcement, and affirmation to make good decisions.
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Start a family conversation
Children want to be able to talk with their parents about all kinds of important issues— drugs, peer pressure, personal goals, values, and relationships. Parents want strong, open lines of communication too. We designed MusicTALKING to help parents create those bonds early and raise strong, resilient kids.

Keep on talking
MusicTALKING helps you plant the seed about your family’s standards in a light-hearted, non-preachy way. When children aren’t being reprimanded and having fun, they’re more receptive. Great conversations can happen in minutes.

Use MusicTALKING to help your children know what you want for them and expect from them. Play our CD’s in the car, at the family get-together, or give it to your child to listen to alone. No matter how you decide to use MusicTALKING, it’s first and foremost good, clean music for families. When the music stops, you and your child will still keep talking. Get more details about MusicTALKING CD

MusicTALKING continues to be developed by parents just like you! We invite you to join our Parents Panel. It’s free, easy and fun. Join now and help choose songs for the next MusicTALKING CD

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